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We are a licensed Home Food Processing Establishment.  When you order, we can make arrangements for pick-up, or we are happy to deliver your treats to you for only $5 within the city of Dubuque. our license does allow us to mail our products. Some of our products are suitable to ship and some are not. If you live outside of Dubuque, Iowa and require shipping, please call or message us at  563-690-8551.

Decorated Cookies

Sugar cookies can be decorated with either buttercream frosting or royal icing.

Basic Sugar Cookie: A round cookie decorated with a base of frosting and sprinkles. $25 per dozen.

Decorated Sugar Cookies - Decorated cookies start at $35 per dozen. The price of each decorated cookie set varies due to the number of shapes in the set, the number of frosting colors, complexity of design,  and any specialty techniques used.

Cookie Cake

Flavors - M&M, Chocolate Chip, Sugar

6" Round$15                                                9" Heart- shaped$25

11" Round$30                                              9"x13"$35


Standard flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, Confetti, Marble, Red Velvet

Basic Decorations: Buttercream swirl with sprinkles. $24 per dozen

Elaborate Decorations: Flowers, designs, multiple colored frosting. $30 per dozen

Specialty flavors -  See the description of each cupcake under the cupcake collection icon.  Specialty flavors include: Andes Mint, Black and White Chocolate Chip, Black Forest, Carrots and Cream, Chocolate Dream, Lemon Power, Peanut Butter Delight, Light Lemon, Orange Dream, German Chocolate, Espresso Mocha, Raspberry Dazzle, Birthday Bash, Smore, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry 

Each cupcake is decorated with its own signature design. $35 per dozen

Cake Balls 

Cake - Chocolate or vanilla

Chocolate Covering - Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate (White chocolate is available in a variety of colors.)

Decorations- Cake ball is drizzled with a chocolate design and sprinkles.

$20 per dozen

Cake Truffles 

A cake truffle is made from the same ingredients as a cake ball, but contains the additions of mix-ins and toppings.

Flavors: See the description of each truffle under the cake truffle collection icon. Cake Truffles that are available: Candy Cane, Chocolate Mint, Heath Caramel, Brownie Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Chocolate Peanut Butter

$24 per dozen

Premium Cookies

Flavors: Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Brown Butter Maple Shortbread, Peanut Butter Blossoms

$18 per dozen



We have a number of cakes that can be ordered on line, but most of our cakes are custom orders. The cakes vary in price based upon flavor of the cake and the frosting, types of filling, size of the cake, and complexity of the design. If you are interested in ordering a cake from 2 Sisters, please click on the "Ready-to-order Cakes" collection icon. If you would like a custom cake, you can view examples of the custom cakes we have made by clicking on the "Custom Cakes" collection icon. You can also call or message 2 Sisters at 563-690-8551.

Prices vary.


We bake from home with love. We want to make your celebrations special! If you are looking for something specific and can't find it
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